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Sexy Zeal Black Convertible  Jumpsuit

Sexy Zeal Black Convertible Jumpsuit

Olive Convertible Jumpsuit (infinity Jumpsuit)

Olive Convertible Jumpsuit (infinity Jumpsuit)

Fuchsia convertible Jumpsuit (infinity Jumpsuit)

This Fuchsia Convertible jumpsuit (infinity Jumpsuit)  is made of quality Jersey Fabric. This Stylish multi wrap Jumpsuit gives you different many looks depending on your occassion or your mood. Sexy Jumpusit yet classic can be worn in many occassion even as a bridesmaid attire. Comes in many colors.

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Women Us Size Chart

02 32 81.28 24 60.96 34.5 87.63
04 33 83.82 25 63.5 35.5 90.17
06 34 86.36 26 66.04 36.5 92.71
08 35 88.9 27 68.58 37.5 95.25
10 36 91.44 28 71.12 38.5 97.79
12 37.5 95.25 29.5 74.93 40 101.6
14 39 99.06 31 78.74 41.5 105.41
16 40.5 102.87 32.5 82.55 43 109.22
18 42.5 107.95 34.5 87.63 45 114.3
20 44.5 113.03 36.5 92.71 47 119.38

How to measure

To choose the correct size for you, measure your body as follows:

The basic measurements are as follows: 1. Your total height. 2. Bust circumference. 3. Under-bust circumference. 4. Waist circumference. 5. Hips circumference The difference between hip and full hip? Hip measurement is taken around hips and the measurement tape is put to your skin. This is the actual hips circumference. Full hip measurement is measured taking into account belly protuberance and is always more than hip measurement. You can take the full hip measurement while holding something vertically next to your tummy (e.g. a ruler) and measuring at the same level as you would when measuring hips, around the buttocks and hips and than to the ruler, which means you take the measurement tape off your skin and it passes around the ruler in the air.

Measure around fullest part

Measure around natural waistline

Measure 20cm down from the natural waistline

This  Fuchsia Convertible jumpsuit (infinity Jumpsuit) is made of quality Jersey Fabric. Multi  wrap Olive Jumpsuits comes in more colors to choose from.This Stylish convertible Jumpsuit also know as multi  wrap jumpsuits gives you different many looks depending on your occassion or your mood. Sexy Jumpusit yet classic can be worn in many occassion even a bridesmaid attire. Designed and made true to size and also since Jersey is stretchy you will be confortable as you go about your day or evening activities. This Convertible Jumpsuit comes in different variety of colors and sizes ranges from US Women size US 02 to Size US 20.

Style: Jumpsuit flared

Fabric Content: jersey

Color: Fuchsia  (has more colors to choose from)
Stretch: Fabric has Stretch

Closure: Multi wrap

Inseam: 31"

Care: Machine Washable, Cold

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